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dental patient smiling
"I Had To Have All My Teeth Removed - My Dentures Were The Most Beautiful Thing I Ever Saw!"

I got hit by a car. And the impact sent me in the air, and my face hit the windshield, and it cracked all my teeth. So, I had to have all my teeth removed. And that’s where my problems begin with my teeth. That was in the early 90s. And I wore dentures since then, but everybody dentures that wore. They just wasn’t right. I was gassy, couldn’t eat. I was having a hard time chewing my food because it was big, bulky, and they made my mouth [inaudible] all way out. Teeth are looking big. And then one day I just Googled, I don’t even remember what I Googled. And the first thing that came up was Geller Dental Group. And I said, “You know what? I’m nothing around me. I’m going to try them.” And I called. I made an appointment. I met Dr. Levitz, and that was the best thing of my life.

I got hit by a car. And the impact sent me in the air, and my face hit the windshield, and it cracked all my teeth. So, I had to have all my teeth removed. And that's where my problems begin with my teeth.

dental patient smiling

Dr. Levitz:

She had been gumming it for quite some time. And obviously, as you could imagine, she was very unhappy living that way, not just from a functional perspective but also an aesthetic perspective as well. And she actually didn’t even feel comfortable bringing the old dentures to me to look at because she was so unhappy with the way that we looked. Carol had emphasized to me how important it was to her to make sure that the work was done as properly as possible. However, many appointments that it took, how many visits, whatever amount of time it took, all she wanted was a nice set of dentures that fit well and looked good and felt good when she ate.


When I finally got my dentures. I looked. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And it made me glad because I’ve been going to different doctors getting dentures, but when Dr. Levitz told me to smile, and I saw the dentures, I was like, “Oh my God, you’re the best.” I was so excited. He said to me, “Remember, it’s just like getting teeth, it’s new. You can’t go wild, eat some eggs first.” I’m going to eat meat—a steak from Outback. Yes, I did. And chew it confidently now, just before I was chewing it a bit swallow, and to be gassy all the time, I haven’t had gas since I had dentures.

Dr: Levitz:

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to, you know, go, and eat the hardest crunchiest or toughest thing that you could find on the first day with your dentures. But she felt so good walking out of here; she went right to Outback Steakhouse and ordered a steak and loved every bite of it. So really, that’s just a testament to how well the procedure went with her and how happy she was with the final results. I really do feel like the work that I’ve done for her has really led to her being an incredibly happy individual. Completely polar opposite of the way things were when I had met her for the first time when she was toothless.


I have wearing dentures, like I said, since the early 90s. But these are the first ones that I ever wore and are comfortable. He made my day. The man of the year Dr. Levitz.

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