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"I Lost My Fear Of Dentistry At The Geller Dental Group!"

Hi, my name’s Kevin, and I got dental crowns and implants done at the Geller Dental Group. When I was a kid, I’ve always had bad teeth. It wasn’t really like a instance so I’ve always needed work. And just being so young getting like that amount of work done, just petrified me. So over the past, I guess my whole life, I’ve been going to the dentist and, you know, mid-work not coming back. And as I got older, the work that I needed to get done that I didn’t, affected the way I ate. I would have to eat on one side. I got to be careful with certain things I would be eating. And eventually, my smile is getting affected and, you know, just became enough. I had to kind of face my fear.

When I was a kid, I've always had bad teeth. It wasn't really like a instance so I've always needed work. And just being so young getting like that amount of work done, just petrified me.

dental patient smiling

Dr. Kevin Nguyen:

He’d come in, he was very nervous. I can see it right away in his eyes and, you know, he was fearful and very anxious about dentistry. I think that was why it kept him from coming to seek for dental, professional dental help. It happened to a lot of patient actually, it’s not just him. And you know, because they fear about the uncertainty because they don’t know what’s going to happen. They don’t know anything much about dentistry so it’s our obligation to explain to them and get them comfortable.


Dr. Nguyen is very calm and very kind. It’s the most simple way to put it but it’s the best words to describe him. He was able to recognize what was priority and then helped me through my fear and talk step-by-step exactly what’s going to happen.

I needed two teeth extracted and eventually, that would become implants. So, that was very scary for me.

Dr. Kevin Nguyen:

We told him look, “You know, we don’t have to do everything at once. We can gradually addressing it” because we don’t want him to be pushed so much. We took into consideration of his anxiety and everything. And then after we talked to him about probably half an hour, we went ahead. He didn’t need any sedation. So like, let me try, just get extraction down because it was infected. So numbing up, he said, “Ah, I didn’t feel any needle”, I’m like “Well, that we can do here”. And then after that, we took the tooth out. And then gradually, it’s been quite a few months now, but nowadays, he’s really good. He come in, he doesn’t show his anxiety anymore, and he can get anything done. He’s my biggest advocate for the, you know, dentistry nowadays because my patient, a lot of them are fearful. And, you know, I told him “Look, you know, if you don’t mind, some patient– if they like to talk to you, you know–” and he’s all up to it.


So right now I’m in the middle of my healing phase for my implants. And normally, in the past probably, the fear would set in and I wouldn’t come back. But definitely with Dr. Nguyen and the Geller Dental Group, I’ve definitely lost my fear of dentistry, and they made it a lot easier.

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