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dental patient smiling
"I Wanted A Magnificent Smile - The Team At The Geller Dental Group Delivered!"

Hi, my name is Karen and the work I had done here at the Geller Dental Group was a Full mouth rehab. I met this beautiful lady in a boutique, and she smiled. And just her teeth were absolutely magnificent. And I said to her, “Oh my God, your teeth are beautiful. Who’s your dentist?” And she said, “My husband and my son.” I said that’s it. Give me the name, and I made an appointment, and then I just turned my life over to them. I was like, whatever I needed to do. I just want a magnificent smile.

Give me the name, and I made an appointment, and then I just turned my life over to them. I was like, whatever I needed to do. I just want a magnificent smile.

dental patient smiling

Dr. Randy Geller:

Karen’s case was the epitome of a multidisciplinary approach. She was treated by four different dentists on our team. Orthodontic treatment, periodontal treatment, involving grafting of gum tissue, and recontouring of her smile. Our oral surgeon performed a sinus lift, enabling some dental implants to be placed. And then, ultimately, the cosmetic work done by me. And one of the things I really take pride in here at the Geller Dental Group is our ability to have this team behind us to accomplish what we need to.


From the minute I walked into the minute I left, there was nothing but a wonderful feeling here. Dr. Geller walked me through every single stage of it, told me ahead of time exactly what was going to happen, answered my questions before I can even think of what they were. And it was so relaxing and calming. And I never got anxious, going to a dental appointment or anything. The minute I walked in, I was greeted with love and warmth and light like it was a family. We became a family.

Dr. Randy Geller:

It really was a phenomenal team approach. Yielding exceptional results. She said to me early on, “I want my smile to enter the room before I do.” And I certainly think we’ve achieved that.


I was always self-conscious. And sometimes, I would put my hands in front of my mouth, or I would curtail the happiness I felt because I was embarrassed of my teeth. The teeth in the back were like a brownish yellow; they did not match the front teeth. The tooth over here, which was smaller than the other side, looks horrible. And although I wore braces as a child, my bite [?] was still totally off. It was never fully corrected. And all I said was, “I want to smile like her.” And they totally knew what I wanted. I feel confident I feel happy. I feel like I feel younger because my teeth look young. They don’t look old and yellow and brownish and like they’ve been through six decades. And it just takes me through my day. And all of a sudden, if something happens, which doesn’t go my way. I look in the mirror, and I’ll smile at myself, and I’m like, “You got to go in.” I just feel so great. Really beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile is so important. Because if I feel good, I want to make everybody around me feel good too.

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